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Great Valley Creating a New Age of Learning

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Our Librarian

Miss Kelsey Bogan
Library Media Specialist
610-889-1900, ext 22144

Library Hours:

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 


books on a shelf and library tables

The Great Valley High School library provides information and media literacy skills instruction, and facilitates access to the resources and tools students need to achieve personal, professional, academic, and social success.

  • The library is a dynamic and flexible resource space responsive to the diverse and evolving needs of GVHS students.
  • The library creates and provides a community resource space which is inclusive, accessible, comfortable, useful, representative, and safe for all students.

The library exists to serve the academic, personal, professional, and social needs of the GVHS students. We prefer when the library is busy, and well used by the students. We will take every action possible to ensure students have access to the library and its resources. In addition to its vast print and electronic resources, the library now has more than 1,500 e-books and audiobooks.

STEAM Makerspace Stations

In response to a 2019 student needs survey that indicated students' interest in having a keen desire for more opportunities for low- and no-tech, hands-on activities, the library received a Venture Grant from the Great Valley School District Education Foundation (GVSDEF) to fund the startup of STEAM Makerspace stations, especially those promoting social-connectivity and creativity.

The library aims to inspire students to create, connect, collaborate, and decompress as needed throughout the day. We encourage participation in our Brain Break and Makerspace activities so that students can unplug and recharge, express themselves, connect with each other face-to-face, and learn new skills.