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Registration Information

Athletes will need to complete four steps prior to participating in a spring sport:

  1. Register on FormRELeaf (initial registration or recertification registration).
  2. Submit a PIAA Physical dated after June 1 of the current year in FormRELeaf (once a school year).
  3. Pay the GVSD $95 activity fee (each season).
  4. Complete the required Hazing Awareness Course (once a school year).

Click the tabs below to learn more about each required step of the registration process. 

District Athletic Insurance

All participants in interscholastic athletics are provided insurance purchased by the Great Valley School District. The insuring company will pay the first $100.00 of covered expenses without regard to other insurance. Charges must then be submitted to parents’ group insurance carrier for payment. Whatever eligible expenses the parents’ coverage will not pay are re-submitted to the claim department pursuant to the limits of the policy. If the parents have no insurance coverage, the sports accident insurance will be the primary carrier.

Medical Claim Form