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Academic Counseling

The high school counseling office provides academic, college and career counseling services to all students. In addition to these services,  the high school has a full time school social worker as well as mental health specialists to support the mental health needs of our students.  Please click here to learn more about these services and about the staff at the high school who work with students and families to address the mental health needs of our students.

About Us

Each of our counselors works with students in grades 9-12, providing assistance with academic advising, post-secondary planning, career exploration and social/emotional counseling. Students & families may contact their counselor directly by phone or email. Caseload is determined alphabetically.

We encourage our students and parents to call their counselor with questions or concerns. We welcome your feedback and support as we continue to grow as a department together with the Great Valley community.

Have a general question or not sure where to direct your email?

Email us at

Our Counselors

Meridith Bebee


Carrie Kane


Bobby Lavelle


Jeffrey Martin


Anna Saracino


Leslie Gamma

Technical Coordinator

Candy Neely

Administrative Assistant

Suzanne Rice

Administrative Assistant

Linda Chuong


Counselor Caseloads:

  • CLASS OF 2024: Lavelle (A-Da); Bebee (Db-G); Kane (H-Mat); Chuong (new enrollments); Saracino (Mau-Rod); Martin (Roe-Z)
  • CLASS OF 2025: Lavelle (A-Com); Bebee (Con-Gh); Chuong (Gi-K); (Kane (L-Ng); Saracino (Nh-Sh); Martin (Si-Z)
  • CLASS OF 2026: Lavelle (A-Chen); Bebee (Cheo - Gh); Chuong (Gi-Kq); Kane (Kr-Ou): Saracino (Ov-Sig); Martin (Sih-Z) 
  • CLASS OF 2027: Lavelle (A-Daj); Bebee (Daj-Gon); Chuong (Goo-Lar); Kane (Las-Nes); Saracino (Net-Sig); Martin (Sih-Z)

Announcements & Helpful Information

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